Who I am

My business of helping people with their electronic technologies grew naturally from years of leveraging my industry experience to assist friends and family.  I’ve derived a lot of satisfaction in doing so, knowing I’ve been able to make a difference in their day to day enjoyment of their home. And, I’d like to do the same for you.


What I do

  • Create easy to use systems that can play music, on demand, in any room, in and outside your home.

  • Improve cell phone coverage everywhere in your home.

  • Provide guidance on upgrade decisions.

  • Ensure complete Wi-Fi coverage in and outside your home.

  • Increase the speed and security of your wireless network.

  • Get more from your old stereo system, adding remote control, streaming and multi-room capabilities.

  • Create backup strategies to prevent data loss when (not if) your computer crashes.

  • Provide the ability to check on your home and receive status notifications when you’re not there.


I love creating cost effective, simple solutions that make it easy to enjoy your music, television and movies as well as make your computer technologies behave properly. Think of me as your personal technology navigator.